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205.Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion 2-acupuncture treatment technique and diseases  


Prerequisite Course:  Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion 1 

205. 中國針灸 2 - 治療技術與疾病

先修課程:中國針灸1 - 經絡系統和針灸穴位


This course introduces the TCM techniques and treatments of diseases. 1) Filiform needling techniques 2) moxibustion techniques 3) other acupuncture related therapies (cupping, three-edge needle, skin needle, intradermal needle, electroacupuncture, scalp acupuncture and auricular acupuncture, heating lamps, and blood-letting. 3) General discussion of TCM treatment and disease, such as effects, therapeutic principles (Treatment of diseases according to time, place, person), principles of point selection and methods of point combination, application of specific points (wu shu xue, yuan xue, luo xue, xi xue etc.), select stimulation techniques, precautions and contraindication for application of stimulation techniques.



本課程介紹中醫技術和疾病治療。 1)絲狀針刺技術2)艾灸技術3)其他針灸相關療法(拔罐,三針針,皮針,皮內針,電針,頭針,針灸,加熱燈,放血3)一般討論 中醫治療與疾病,如效果,治療原則(根據時間,地點,人的疾病治療),點選擇原則和點組合方法,應用具體要點(五輸穴原穴絡穴,輸穴等),選擇刺激技術,預防措施和應用刺激技術的禁忌症。

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