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602. .Practice Management and Professionalism


Prerequisite Course : none  

602. 醫務管理與專業



This course 1)provides a basic framework for understanding the role and functions of a health care participator and to explain the principles and techniques that can be used in practice management. Specific topics include records management (patient and financial records), financial management, ethical billing and advertising management, and personnel and patient management. 2)includes the professionalism concepts 3) understanding the values of attributes related to professionalism 4) how to comply with the guidelines of professionalism, 5) improving the various skills to meet the highest standards of professionalism. In this course, students will have a well understanding about applicable legal requirements, such as CTCMPAO by-laws, standard of practice, policies and safety requirements.  And also student will be able to deals with moral issues, the practitioner-patient relationship and develop self-awareness and self- improvement as an ethic TCM practitioner. 

本課程1)為了解醫護人員參與者的作用和功能提供了基本框架,並解釋了可用於實踐管理的原則和技術。 具體議題包括記錄管理(患者和財務記錄),財務管理,道德計費和廣告管理以及人員和患者管理。 2)包括專業概念3)理解與專業精神相關的屬性價值觀4)如何遵守專業精神指導5)提高各種技能才能達到最高的專業水準。 在本課程中,學生將對CTCMPAO附則,執業標準,政策和安全要求等法律要求有較好的了解。 同時,學生將能夠處理道德問題,從業者與患者之間的關係,發展自我意識和自我提升作為道德中醫實踐者。

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