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503. Pathology


Prerequisite Course or Co-requisite Course: Biochemical Basis of life and Disease.  Physiology. Western Diagnostic Medicine 

503: 病理學

先修課程或合修課程:生命和疾病的生化基礎。 生理。 西方診斷醫學


Pathology is the modern study of the nature and mechanism of disease. This course will expose students to the basic knowledge of pathological anatomy and pathophysiology of some common diseases in clinical practice. It focuses on the study of cellular adaptation and injury, genetic control of cell function and inheritance, genetic and congenital disorders, mechanisms of infectious disease, inflammation and repair, the immune response and alterations in the immune response, pathology of the integumentary, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, urinary, musculoskeletal system, neuropathology and endocrine pathology. 

病理學是現代研究疾病的性質和機制。 本課程將讓學生了解臨床實踐中一些常見疾病的病理解剖學和病理生理學知識。 它專注於細胞適應和損傷的研究,細胞功能和遺傳的遺傳控制,遺傳和先天性疾病,感染性疾病的機制,炎症和修復,免疫應答和免疫反應的變化,皮膚的病理學,消化系統, 呼吸,心血管,泌尿,肌肉骨骼系統,神經病理學和內分泌病理學。

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