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404. Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion 4- Acupuncture Manipulation

Prerequisite Course:  Chinese Acupuncture &  moxibustion 1-3. 

404. 中國針灸四 - 針灸手法



The Needling techniques, moxibustion techniques and other therapies as well as the principles of point combination are discussed in details. This course consolidates the knowledge, deepens the understanding and enhances the practical skills of the students with regard to point location and selection. 

詳細討論針刺技術,艾灸技術和其他療法以及點組合的原理。 本課程鞏固了知識,加深了學生的了解,增強了學生在點位置和選拔方面的實踐能力。

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