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403.Western Diagnostic Medicine

Prerequisite Course or Co-requisite Course: Anatomy * physiology * Pathology & Fundamental Theories of TCM & TCM diagnosis 



403. 西方診斷醫學

先修課程或合修課程:解剖生理學* *病理學與中醫及中醫診斷的基本理論


This course composed of three parts. Part one is the introduction and practice of standard adult physical examinations of a modern medical practice. This includes history taking, palpation and auscultation techniques for the body. Part two is the study of laboratory diagnosis and part three is differential diagnosis of common and critical symptoms and signs 

本課程由三部分組成。 第一部分是對現代醫學實踐的標準成人體格檢查的介紹和實踐。 這包括身體的歷史記錄,觸診和聽診技術。 第二部分是實驗室診斷的研究,第三部分是常見和嚴重症狀和體徵的鑑別診斷

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