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101.Fundamental Theories of TCM`


Prerequisite Course:  none 

101, 中醫學理基礎


This course introduces the ancient Chinese philosophy and the relationship between the human body and nature.  It is an introduction to the classical theories of yin yang and five elements. The normal physiology of the human body is studied through the concepts of viscera (zang fu organs) and spirit, essence, qi, blood, body fluids, channels and collaterals. The TCM concepts of body constitutions and onset of diseases, the pathogenic factors, pathogenesis and their influence on the equilibrium of the human body as well as health maintenance and disease prevention, treatment principles and methods are also an important part of this course. 

本課程介紹古代中國哲學與人與自然的關係。 它是對陰陽古典理論和五個要素的介紹。 通過臟腑,精神,精華,氣血,津液,經絡等概念研究人體正常生理學。 中醫體質構成和疾病發病概念,致病因素,發病機理及其對人體平衡的影響以及健康維護和疾病預防,治療原理和方法也是本課程的重要組成部分。

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